Paradox Traveling Art


About Paradox Traveling Art

Paradox Traveling Art is mobile art installation created by El Paso/Juarez artist Laura Turon. This art piece is also presented as the first mobile art gallery in El Paso, housed within a converted school bus. The artistic concept portrays a mobile art gallery as an art piece itself, as one that travels and moves beyond the gallery’s walls. The project features mobile murals and art installations

Artist Biography

Laura Turon graduated with departmental honors from the University of Texas at El Paso with a BFA in Studio Art in Drawing and Graphic Design, a minor in Painting, and a certificate in Exhibition Practices.

As an active artist in the El Paso-Juárez borderplex, her work presents ephemeral art installations and murals. Her processes combine different light interpretations, design, and large scale compositions through mark making drawings. She also explores concepts of science and anthropology in art. These installations have provided her with curatorial experience through art interventions in unconventional public spaces.

Ms. Turon is experienced in the areas of event coordination, art administration, research and development of exhibitions, program management, and art interventions in public spaces. Her work has focused on bi-national artistic development within the El Paso border region, with projects including: Juarez Contemporary, an art gallery in Ciudad Juárez, where she served as the director and curator of exhibitions for two years.

She is the former executive director of Amor por Juárez, a binational non-profit organization focused on the artistic and cultural development of the border region. She is the current president of Last Thursdays El Paso; a non-profit project that organizes a monthly event consisting of art exhibitions, historic tours, music, art markets, and pop-up galleries in offices, bars, and halls of buildings throughout downtown El Paso.

The artist is also the founder and creator of Paradox Traveling Art, an art installation housed within a converted full-size school bus. The bus is the first mobile gallery in El Paso, functioning both as a gallery and an art piece at the same time. With this project, Ms. Turon focuses on delivering art to areas that have limited or no access to art spaces; inspiring and encouraging artists, and to providing art workshops

New Art Installation Info:

Laura Turon partnered up with the EM Lab at the University of Texas El Paso to develop new ways to combine science and art to present complex concepts visually. Together they will collaborate to create a series of art installations focusing on visual representations of the EM Lab technologies and art concepts by Mrs. Turon. These will be installed inside Paradox Traveling Art bus-but also adaptable to be able to be installed in other galleries-and presented in a series of traveling exhibitions to inspire, educate, and motivate visitors.

The mission of the EM Lab at the University of Texas at El Paso is to develop revolutionary technologies in circuits and electro-magnetics that are enabled by 3D printing. All of their research is extremely high-risk/high-payoff and proposes technologies that are radically different than today. To accomplish this, they have recruited a team of very special PhD students who are brave enough to take on this type of research and who have minds that are open to literally bending the current laws of physics. They have recently developed an algorithm to bend, twist, and otherwise spatially vary periodic structures without deforming the size and shape of the tiles that makeup the periodic structures, as this would destroy the electromagnetic properties. This algorithm has enabled the EM Lab group to achieve many accomplishments for which they have been given multiple awards and even patents. The patterns generated by this algorithm are beautiful in appearance and very similar to some of the art pieces Laura has created in the past.

The concepts of the art installations to be developed include electromagnetic fields, large-scale 3D printing, algorithms, spatially variant structures, virtual reality, 3D digital art, mechanical art, fractal art, interactive and immersive art installations, natural light and artificial light interpretations, time and space. This collaboration presents an incredible opportunity for Ms. Turon to work with world-class optics research group and to use their resources. The development of immersive and interactive multi-sensory art installations that approach concepts of art, science, and technology can help develop and present innovative educational programs through art, that reach the different learning styles of the viewers. Visitors will be able to interact visually, auditorily and kinesthetically with the art installations, and process information through their preferred learning mode.